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Nevada OSHA Focusing on Hospitality Sector

Occupational Safety and Health Administration Conducting Targeted Inspections of Hospitality Sector

Nevada OSHA Focusing on Hospitality Sector

Nevada OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) is conducting targeted inspections of Nevada’s hospitality related organizations. Even though Nevada OSHA’s “Inspection Targeting Plan and Emphasis Programs” document was last updated in August 2021, scheduled inspections are still taking place, with local emphasis programs focusing on hotels (NAICS 721110) and casinos hotels (NAICS 721120).

Hospitality organizations should brace themselves for possible on-site inspections. So far, Nevada OSHA inspections have mostly focused on verifying whether facilities have implemented compliance safety rules and that all employees have received the following training:

  1. A written safety program.
  2. A written bloodborne pathogen exposure control plan (ECP).
  3. A written hazard communication program.
  4. A complete chemical inventory for an establishment’s location, including an inventory list and corresponding safety data sheets.
  5. An emergency action plan.
  6. A COVID-19 ECP.

Nevada OSHA may seek documentation proving that employees have been taught on each of the following (if appropriate to an employee’s job obligations).

As part of their preparations for potential Nevada OSHA visits, hospitality employers may want to revise applicable policies and circulate them. Employers may also wish to retrain their employees on the applicable policies (and document the same) and educate supervisors and managers on proper Nevada OSHA inspection protocol.