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New Data Reveals Optimal Booking Times for Summer Travel

61% Americans planning vacations during summer

New Data Reveals Optimal Booking Times for Summer Travel, Empowering Travelers to Save

As summer approaches, a staggering 61 percent of Americans are eagerly planning their vacations. Surprisingly, 69 percent of these vacationers are yet to book their trips, presenting an opportunity for significant savings and thrilling adventures.

Research from Skyscanner reveals that 74 percent of US travelers believe they know how to find the best vacation deals. To enhance their savings potential, Skyscanner has launched the Savings Generator tool, leveraging advanced technology to uncover the most cost-effective options.

By analyzing over 80 billion prices daily, Skyscanner’s Savings Generator unveils an exciting finding: those who hit the road during the last week of summer can save an average of 31 percent compared to early bookings. For a family of four, this amounts to a remarkable average saving of $1224.

Furthermore, the research highlights that travelers can cut up to five percent off July and August flight costs. In response, 73 percent of respondents expressed their willingness to adjust their vacation dates for increased affordability.

Among those yet to book, 43 percent are finalizing their travel dates, while 42 percent are patiently awaiting the best deals. Remarkably, 82 percent of participants revealed their inclination to book an additional summer holiday if the price aligns with their expectations.

For travelers yet to secure their summer trips, the average expected flight cost is $223 per person. However, Skyscanner’s algorithm is ready to guide them toward the most cost-effective options.

With summer on the horizon, now is the time for thrifty travelers to unlock remarkable savings. Armed with Skyscanner’s Savings Generator and invaluable insights, adventurers can embark on memorable journeys while keeping their wallets happy.

“We know how much U.S. travelers look forward to and research their summer vacations, this year more so than any,” Travel Trends expert Laura Lindsay said. “It’s therefore our duty to analyze all the data we have access to and share this insight via our Savings Generator, updated for Summer 2023, so travelers know how to make their money go further this summer.”