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Over-Tourism Reaches a Boiling Point in Spanish City of Malaga

Malaga Residents Fed Up With OverTourism

Over-Tourism Reaches a Boiling Point in Spanish City of Malaga

In a bold move, the city of Malaga in southern Spain is telling tourists to go home, using strong language and explicit stickers to convey the message. The residents are frustrated with over-tourism, which has led to the conversion of homes into tourist rentals, causing rent prices to soar and locals to be pushed out.

The movement started with local bar owner Dani Drunko, who made anti-tourism stickers after his landlord refused to negotiate the rent or sell him the home he had been living in for 10 years. The house was turned into a tourist rental, and he became quite upset. His modest effort quickly caught fire as city residents tried to reclaim their locale.

The signs and stickers read “stinks of tourists,” “this used to be my home,” and “go f—ing home,” making it clear that tourists are not welcome in the city. This is not a new phenomenon, as the Dutch government tried to cap the number of visitors last year by limiting the number of flights that come into the country’s largest airport in Amsterdam. However, the measure failed, and the debate continues.

The issue of over-tourism has been a hot topic in several parts of Europe, and Malaga’s approach is a clear indication that residents are taking matters into their own hands. It remains to be seen how the city will address the issue and find a balance between tourism and the needs of its residents.