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Passengers On British Airways Endure Flight Delay Due To IT Failure

British Airways Technical Glitch Causing Problems to Its Passengers

Passengers On British Airways Endure Flight Delay Due To ‘IT system’ Failure

Last Wednesday, British Airways experienced technical glitch, as passengers complained online about a breakdown in its computer systems and the departure display at London Heathrow showed aircraft was delayed.

British Airways suffered an IT systems outage last Wednessday at Heathrow airport causing significant flight delay

An airline spokesperson told The Independent: “We experienced a technical issue for a short time this afternoon which affected our operation at Heathrow Terminal 5.”

The airline’s customer service Twitter handle received many complaints, following the IT failure.

“Hey @British_Airways, our captain has tried to call, email to let you know your IT systems are down so your whole fleet is grounded. Just tweeting you in case you hadn’t heard,” Twitter user Christian Hernandez said.

Brendan Dorian tweeted: “All Access to airside at Terminal 5 Heathrow Airport currently prohibited, telephone landlines also down… no one going anywhere.”

“Sitting at BA T5 gate currently where all computers are down again this month,” commented Twitter user Jessica. “Do not trust Heathrow or BA to take care of your bags overnight if you’d like to see your things again.”

Customers have been apologized to by both the airline and the airport, and Heathrow’s online departure board shows several planes have been delayed, with a few canceled.

It subsequently verified that the fault had been rectified and that it was trying to assist travelers whose flights had been impacted. Heathrow and BA’s troubles are the latest in a series of technical issues that have resulted in excruciatingly long lines, cancellations, and delays.