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Record-Breaking 45 Million+ Americans Estimated To Travel During This Independence Day

People were trapped in their homes for most part of due to lockdown and travel restrictions. They are going to make up for it this year it seems if the estimations by AAA are to be believed. AAA has released its Independence Day Travel forecast and it has predicted that nearly 49 million Americans will travel this Independence day, 4th of July.

The travel volumes are expected to recover fully from the effects of the pandemic with travels being in full swing during the summer. Although all modes of travel may see a huge surge, road travel is likely to dominate throughout the summer season.

AAA’s predictions state that more than 90% are expected to travel by car. More than 3 million people are expected to travel by flights. This forecast released by AAA is seen as a welcome news by the travel and hospitality industry. The hospitality and travel industries are likely to benefit a lot with things getting back to normal and resumption of normal traveling by the people.