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Seismic Shifts in Business Travel

Changing Face of Business Travel In Post Pandemic World

‘Seismic Shifts’ Likely in Business Travel: 2022 Travel Trends Study

As per the 2022 Travel Trends Study, 3 out of 4 business passengers are ready to board a flight if the proper safety precautions are followed. This is a ten-point increase over a similar poll conducted by Amadeus during the spring, when the percentage was fewer than three-quarters (70%) of business travelers.

According to Amadeus statistics, when business travel resumes, it will face some “seismic shifts.” The impetus stems from the larger changes brought forth by the convergence of pandemic shutdowns and generally available technologies.

As per the survey, about 40% of the US workforce can work from anywhere, and in some other nations, the figure is much greater. Many businesses have even indicated that their employees would be able to work from home permanently. According to Amadeus, it is developing a hybrid work style to reconcile corporate objectives with employee freedom.

The study found that as people’s working habits evolve, so will the nature of business travel. However, the report emphasizes, nothing substitutes a face-to-face encounter, not even video-conferencing.

According to the survey, the future will bring some beneficial developments, such as an increase in expense-free mobile travel payments that will make business travel smoother and easier.

As per the survey, some organizations are thinking of bringing departments together in central areas, putting a larger focus on social features and team bonding during workdays in the office. Some companies will even start arranging weekends or days in hotels to reconnect their staff members with each other.