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60 second covid test for travelers

60 second covid test for travelers - singapore company covid test; airlines travel

Singapore Company Develops 60 Second Covid Test – Will Airlines Use It?

A Singaporean company has developed a 60-second Covid test. Could this be used by airlines to kick-start travel?

Breathonix, a business funded by the National University of Singapore, has just finished a clinical study of their Breathalyzer-style Covid test, which gives findings in 60 to 90 seconds. The study allegedly achieved a 90% accuracy rate, and the company hopes to obtain full regulatory approval in early 2021.

Traditionally, Covid testing has required taking a nasal swab and sending it to a lab for analysis. It may take a few days for the results to be returned. Although rapid testing systems exit, findings are still given in about 15 to 30 minutes much too long to be effective in a fast-paced travel scenario.

Breathonix, for example, might give a speedier way to identify whether a passenger is sick. Passengers might be examined swiftly before, during or after the usual airport security screening procedures, for example alternatively, airlines may employ them before boarding in conjunction with other precautions such as temperature checks.

According to the firm, the technique is considerably less expensive than the nose swab method, and the test may be conducted for approximately $20.

Test candidates blow through the gadget with a disposable mouthpiece, much as they would for a DUI screening. The findings are analysed in 60 seconds and determine if the person is infected. It’s important to note that this exam is more akin to an initial screening. To verify a potentially positive breath test, a nasal swab may still be necessary.

The test, on the other hand, may be a rapid and effective way of screening out infected visitors, providing the travel sector with a much-needed tool to restart the damaged economy.

 “With the benefits of a 60- second in-situ Covid test, the Breathonix device may be utilised for mass screening in high-traffic locations,” stated Neo Kok Beng, Chairman of Breathonix. “We think that by providing rapid, accurate, and cost-effective screening, we can contribute to the global economy”.