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Spirit Airlines And Frontier Airlines To Form Ultra-Low Far Airlines

New Merger Promises Ultra-Low Air Fare Prices

Spirit And Frontier Airlines Merge To Form America’s Ultra-Low Fare Airlines

Spirit Airlines And Frontier Airlines Come Togethere To Form ‘America’s Most Competitive Ultra-Low Fare Airline.’

Spirit Airlines and Frontier Airlines are combining to form a low-cost airlines that would travel to more than 145 locations in 19 countries.

Announced on Monday, February 7, 2022, The two airlines will unite under Frontier’s parent company, Frontier Group Holdings, Inc., to become what the carrier has branded “America’s most competitive ultra-low-cost airline.” The acquisition is scheduled to be completed in the second half of 2022.

“We are thrilled to join forces with Frontier to further democratize air travel,” Ted Christie, the president and CEO of Spirit, said in a statement.

The aim of the collaboration is to create an aggressive, ultra-low fare airline option for travellers and increase competition in the market in order to encourage more consumer-friendly fares for the public.

Once the merger goes through, the new airline will be the country’s fifth-largest carrier, The Associated Press reported. The new, combined airline will fly more than 1,000 daily flights with plans to expand with more than 350 aircraft.

“This combination is all about growth, opportunities, and creating value for everyone – from our Guests to our Team Members to the flying public at large,” Mac Gardner, the chairman of the board of Spirit, said in the statement.

“We’re a perfect fit – our businesses share similar values, including our longstanding commitment to affordable travel. At the same time, we have complementary footprints and fleets, including one of the youngest and greenest fleets worldwide,” continued Mac Gardner.

The merger news comes just days after Frontier Airlines announced that it will decrease the weight restriction for checked bags on its flights to 40 pounds, citing the carrier’s efforts to become green. Spirit Airlines likewise has a 40-pound weight limit for checked bags.