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Sportshotels Revolutionizing Sports Accommodation

Since its launch, has built a portfolio of over 400 hotels Revolutionizing Sports Accommodation with Tailored Luxury and Unmatched Partnerships, the recently launched sports accommodation specialist, is making waves in the leisure and sporting industries with its unique offering. The platform, backed by hotel industry experts, focuses exclusively on catering to the specific needs of sports organizing bodies, clubs, and fans.

With over 400 hotels in its portfolio and growing partnerships each day, provides comfortable accommodation tailored to meet the requirements of traveling sports parties. These hotels boast impressive facilities like swimming pools, tennis courts, in-house physios, and private dining, ensuring a seamless experience for sports teams.

Moreover, has created opportunities for hotels without such amenities to engage with the sports market. By offering services like flexible cancellation policies, proximity to local venues, and connections to local sporting activities, these hotels can tap into the burgeoning sports industry.

A standout feature of is “The Sports Desk,” a bespoke and complimentary service that allows clubs and individuals to utilize the platform’s extensive network of hotel partners. By sharing their specific requirements with The Sports Desk team, customers receive tailored accommodation options. The service also handles tasks such as negotiating rates and managing team-specific needs, freeing up customers to focus on their performance. has already formed partnerships with major international hotel chains such as IHG, Hilton Group, Accor, and Leonardo Hotels. These collaborations enable access to a wide range of prestigious venues, including Gleneagles Hotel in Perthshire and Bridgewood Manor Hotel and Spa in Kent. is revolutionizing the sports accommodation industry with its emphasis on tailored luxury, premier partnerships, and personalized services through The Sports Desk.