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STR September Data Reveals How Hotels Are Faring In Different Cities

Riyadh’s hotel industry reported mixed performance in September when compared to its past months. It experienced an occupancy of 59% along with a RevPAR of SAR307.46. For the sake of comparison, its pre-pandemic figures in 2019 for the same month of September were as follows: 62.1% occupancy and SAR343.47 RevPAR. So it is not too far behind the 2019 levels for this time of the year.

Berlin’s hotel industry recorded its second-best occupancy and highest room rates of the pandemic-era. The occupancy rate was 61.3% and RevPAR was EUR58.20. RevPAR was the highest since February 2020. Even though the industry is seeing overall improvement, its performance still lies very much behind the pre-pandemic levels of September 2019 where occupancy rate was an impressive 88.6% and RevPAR was around EUR111.22, so there is still a long way to go for Berlin’s hospitality sector to reach pre-pandemic levels.