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Summer 2023 Travel Surge in USA

Summer 2023 Travel Surge: Americans Set to Soar Across the Globe

Summer 2023 Travel Surge: Americans Set to Soar Across the Globe

With summer in full swing, it seems wanderlust has taken over the majority of Americans, with a staggering 88 percent planning to travel this season. According to TripIt’s latest research in May, not only are travelers hitting the road, but an overwhelming 91 percent of them are planning to travel more or as much as they did last year.

Delving into their reservation data, TripIt discovered an interesting trend: not a single travel booking type is showing a decline. In fact, some categories, such as international flights, are expected to witness a remarkable 100 percent year-over-year growth.

In July, the frenzy was evident, as domestic flight bookings saw an impressive 42 percent surge compared to the previous year. International flights were not far behind, with a notable 41 percent increase. Popular destinations for domestic travelers included Denver, Chicago, New York, San Diego, Dallas, and San Francisco, while international jetsetters favored London, Cancun, Paris, San Jose Cabo, Rome, and Tokyo.

The average length of stay for domestic travelers was 7.6 days, while international adventurers extended their journeys to an average of 12.6 days.

As August approaches, the excitement shows no signs of slowing down. Flight volume is projected to grow by a whopping 75 percent for domestic travel and an impressive 78 percent for international flights compared to 2022. Additionally, hotel stays and vacation rentals are both seeing positive growth with a rise of 47 percent and 34 percent, respectively, from last August.

August travelers are also planning longer vacations. The average trip duration for those exploring the States will be 8.2 days, while international travelers will savor an average of 13.1 days abroad.

As the summer draws to a close, the shoulder season promises no respite in travel enthusiasm. In September, flight volumes are expected to double, with international flights taking the lead at a remarkable 100 percent increase from 2022, and domestic flights close behind with a 98 percent surge. The demand for rental cars and accommodations is soaring as well, with car rentals up by 56 percent, and hotel stays and vacation rentals increasing by 48 percent and 35 percent, respectively.

The much-anticipated Labor Day Weekend, starting on Friday, September 1, will mark the peak of the travel frenzy. It is projected to be the busiest day across the board for international and domestic flights, rental car pick-ups, and hotel check-ins. The average trip duration will also rise to 8.7 days for domestic travelers and 13.3 days for international jetsetters.

Among the top-flight destinations for this season, New York, Las Vegas, London, and Paris have emerged as the favorites for travelers seeking exciting adventures and unforgettable experiences.