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Texas Takes Strong Measures to Clamp Down on Resort Fees

Texas resort fees law

Texas Takes Strong Measures to Clamp Down on Resort Fees

Texas is taking a firm stance against hotels regarding resort fees as the Lone Star State’s Attorney General, Ken Paxton, reaches a settlement with Marriott. As part of the agreement, Marriott will prominently display all resort fees and enhance transparency by providing complete pricing information during the booking process and in all advertisements.

“In recent years, travelers have been caught by surprise with costs much higher than the room rates they believed they had booked,” Paxton said.

While Marriott voluntarily committed to disclosing all fees, the company maintains its denial of any violation of consumer protection laws.

“Marriott is now taking proactive steps to promote price transparency,” Paxton added. “Other major hotel chains have defended their deceptive practices, and they will be facing the full force of the law”.

The focus of Texas has now shifted towards Hyatt Hotels Corp., as the state files a lawsuit accusing the company of breaching consumer protection laws and deceiving customers through concealed fees. Texas asserts that Hyatt fails to incorporate all compulsory fees in its advertised room rates.