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Travel & Hospitality Should Not Ease Restrictions - HSE, UK

UK Travel and Hospitality Advisory Instructions

Travel & Hospitality Should Not Ease Restrictions – HSE, UK

The Department of Health in UK reported 6,329 PCR-confirmed cases of Covid-19 with an additional 4,810 people registering a positive antigen test through the HSE portal.

According to the department, 1,006 Covid-19 patients were admitted to the hospital on January 17th, with 97 of them in intensive care. The number of people in hospital with Covid has risen by 41 since Sunday, Jan 16th.

Speaking amid the latest figures, Dr. Tony Holohan, chief medical officer of the HSE, said it is important to remember that people do not need to wait for an appointment for a Covid-19 booster vaccine shot from the HSE and can book one online on the HSE’s website, as well as by contacting local pharmacies or GPs.

He noted: “According to our Amárach Research, 68 percent of those aged under 35 years, who have received a full, primary course of Covid-19 vaccination but are not yet boosted, said that they would receive a booster dose if they were offered it next week.”

He stated that everyone aged 13 and older who is a confirmed case, a close contact, or has symptoms suggestive with Covid-19 should henceforth wear medical-grade or FFP2 face masks.

These masks are also suggested for those over the age of 60 and susceptible people of all ages in crowded indoor or outdoor settings, as well as anybody attending a hospital environment or visiting those who are vulnerable to the virus in any setting.