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Travel Salaries Hit Record High In 2022

2022 was a historic year for travel recruitment and salary hike

Travel Salaries Hit Record High In 2022

Salaries for the typical new travel jobs increased by 11.53% in 2022 to a record £30,617, according to the C&M Travel Recruitment 2022 Travel Salary Index, which polled all new jobs registered with the business throughout the year. The figure increased by 8.59% from the previous pre-pandemic year of 2019, as well as by 14.01% from 2018 and 17.62% from 2017.

The increase was much greater for ordinary new travel employment (those earning up to £40,000), which grew by 17.36% year on year to an average of £28,496. In comparison to prior years, the total for 2022 was 14.25% higher than in 2019, 14.95% higher than in 2018, and 23.52% higher than in 2017. However, salaries for the average new senior travel post (paid £40,000 or more) are expected to fall by 6.77% in 2022.

This was mostly due to an increase in the number of occupations paying between £40,000 and £45,000, which lowered the total average compensation for senior positions. In 2022, the number of persons hired for new travel employment increased by 181%, reaching a near-record high.

Barbara Kolosinska, Managing Director of C&M Travel Recruitment, commented on the statistics: “Whichever we look at it, 2022 was a historic year for travel recruitment. After suffering hugely as a result of the pandemic, we all needed 2022 to be a bumper year – and was it ever!”