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Travel Stocks Fall Due To Russia-Ukraine Crisis

Russia-Ukraine War and Falling Stock Prices

Travel Stocks Fall Due To Russia-Ukraine Crisis

This was meant to be a year of recovery for the tourism sector, which had been severely harmed by the worldwide coronavirus pandemic. However, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine may have changed that ,at least to a certain extent. The stock market prices in all the sectors have decreased due to ongoing conflict. The U.S Travel Industry investors worry about surging oil prices.

Airline Sector:

  • The US Global Jets fund lost 11.1% of its value.
  • United’s shares dropped the most of the four leading airlines, falling 15%.
  • Delta stock was not far behind, having lost 12.8% of its value.
  • American was down 11%, while Southwest was down 8.6%.

Cruise Sector:

  • The stock of Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings fell 11.6%.
  • Carnival Corp.’s shares fell 9.9% on the day.
  • Royal Caribbean Group was down 9%.

Hospitality Sector:

  • Hyatt fell 9.3%. Marriott International concluded the day down 7%. Hilton had a 6.2% loss. The shares of InterContinental Hotels Group fell by 4.8%.

Rental Car Sector:

  • Avis’ shares dropped by 7.1%.
  • Hertz shares fell by 5.1%

Booking Sector:

  • Booking Holdings plummeted by 8.5%, while Expedia Group fell by 11%, Tripadvisor declined by 4%, and Airbnb sank by 8%.

Travel Sector:

Even on a bad day for the markets, falls in the travel industry stood out.

  • The Dow Jones fell 2.4%, on Monday, while the S&P 500 fell 3% and the Nasdaq Composite fell 3.6%.


Investors’ dissatisfaction with the travel industry arose when crude oil prices rose to as high as $130 a barrel in overnight trading for the first time since 2008. Prices fell throughout the day on Monday. Crude oil in the United States was selling at $120 a barrel soon before 5 p.m. Eastern.