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The Global News Source of Hotel & Lodging Industry Facilitates Transatlantic Travel Surge Helps American Travellers Rediscover Europe Facilitates Transatlantic Travel Surge: US Travellers Rediscover Europe

Leading travel service provider has witnessed a remarkable surge in flight and hotel bookings from outbound US travellers to the UK and various European destinations, signaling a positive rebound in transatlantic travel. Despite global inflation concerns, long-haul travel sentiment from the US to Europe is on the rise, with’s flight booking data showcasing an impressive year-over-year increase of 145% from the US to the UK in the first half of this year.

The surge in air travel not only demonstrates the growing demand for transatlantic connections but also underscores the increasing interest of American travellers in exploring different European destinations.’s hotel bookings for the UK reveal that London, Edinburgh, and Manchester are the top three most sought-after destinations for US travellers.

As a leading travel service provider committed to delivering seamless travel experiences,’s all-in-one app strategy has played a vital role in facilitating this surge in bookings. The impressive growth in bookings solidifies’s position as a trusted provider in the travel industry.

The encouraging data extends beyond the UK, with flight bookings from the US to Europe as a whole experiencing a remarkable 101% growth over the same period. The most popular flight arrival cities for US travellers to Europe include London (UK), Barcelona (Spain), Paris (France), Rome and Milan (Italy), Athens (Greece), Lisbon (Portugal), Amsterdam (Netherlands), and Dublin (Ireland).

Furthermore, hotel bookings from the US to Europe have also witnessed a substantial 60% increase during this period, indicating a strong rebound in travel demand. VisitBritain reports that more Americans are visiting the UK and spending more than in 2019, showcasing the swift recovery of demand following the pandemic.

Andy Washington, General Manager EMEA at Group, expressed his enthusiasm for the positive trajectory of travel bookings between the United States and Europe. He emphasized’s dedication to providing exceptional service and tailored travel solutions through their mobile-first strategy, ensuring customer comfort and convenience.