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Uber Is Upgrading Its App To Include Vacation Booking

Uber Enhancing Its App Functionality

Uber Is Upgrading Its App To Include Vacation Booking

With new features that allow consumers to maintain trip plans in the app as well as book limos and even event buses, Uber is giving customers even more travel alternatives for their next vacation.

Uber’s new “Uber Travel” feature, which was released alongside several other improvements on Monday, will allow consumers to save the flight, train, and auto reservations in one place by linking their Gmail accounts to the app. When travelers use the service, they will also earn 10% back in Uber Cash when they schedule a ride for each leg of their journey.

The business is also expanding its offerings to include “Uber Charter,” which will allow clients to rent a party bus, coach bus, or limo directly through the app.

“We are essentially owning the beginning and the last mile of your travel. And what we’d like to be able to do is stitch all of your travel together. Our ultimate vision is really to integrate all aspects of exploration and travel planning intent” Jen You, Uber’s head of mobility product, stated.

Customers with a Gmail account are currently the only ones who can use the new travel integration function. The latest initiatives follow Uber’s decision to include dinner reservations and recommendations for tourist destinations, as well as plans to add train and bus tickets in the United Kingdom this summer, followed by flights and cross-channel train tickets later this year.