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Hotels in UK May Be Forced to Hand Over All Tips to Workers

Restaurants and other businesses may be forced to hand over all tips to their stafff under a new ‘Tips Bill’ in the United Kingdom.

Several pledges have been made in recent years in a bid to stop employers from making the staff hand over portions of the money left by customers as tip. However no legislative action until now has materialized in this direction.

At present, many restaurants and other businesses make deductions from the tips that customers leave for the staff members. This practice can henceforth become totally forbidden if the new bill comes to pass.

The bill was introduced by Conservative MP Dean Russell who says it is a way of preventing and correcting an injustice. He said that the bill aims to protect the rights of the workers who are seen working for hours on end that they get the tip amount which was intended for them. He said he felt it wrong when businesses assumed the right to take a chunk out of the tip that a customer leaves for a particular worker.