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United Airlines' Latest App Update

Automated Flight Rebooking with Complimentary Meal and Hotel Vouchers

United Airlines’ App Includes Automated Flight Rebooking, Complimentary Meal & Hotel Vouchers

In a recent announcement, United Airlines has introduced a revolutionary mobile app feature designed to enhance the travel experience for its customers. This innovative addition not only offers personalized re-booking options but also provides comprehensive bag tracking information and convenient meal and hotel vouchers for eligible passengers in the event of flight delays or cancellations.

Recognizing the increasing reliance of travelers on digital self-service tools, United Airlines took a customer-centric approach by leveraging the power of their mobile app and website. Astonishingly, their data revealed that nearly 50 percent of United customers already proactively turn to these platforms during times of travel disruptions. Buoyed by this insight, the airline initiated beta testing for the new feature towards the end of 2022.

The results from the comprehensive testing phase were impressive. Customers expressed immense satisfaction with the automatic provision of alternate travel options through the app, eliminating the need for arduous and time-consuming manual processes. Simultaneously, airport employees welcomed the reduction in physical queues, as more passengers utilized the app for their travel needs.

When faced with a delay exceeding 60 minutes or a flight cancellation, passengers will be greeted by a seamless display of delay and cancellation options on the home screen of the United mobile app. This intuitive interface ensures that travelers receive real-time notifications, enabling them to stay informed about their re-booking status, track their bags effortlessly, and effortlessly access their eligible vouchers.

By seamlessly integrating personalized travel assistance into their mobile app, United Airlines are revolutionizing how passengers navigate disruptions, ensuring a smoother journey from start to finish.

United Chief Customer Officer Linda Jojo said, “Our goal is to get our customers to their destination on time, but we know things don’t always go as planned and that’s when a tool like this can make a real difference. Our new mobile app feature offers more transparency, saves time and reduces stress for our customers, and it shortens lines at customer service desks so our employees can better assist passengers with complex issues or questions. Plus, it’s another example of United’s continued investment in new technology and tools.”