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US Hotels Constrution Down By 61,000 Rooms In 2021

USA Hotels Construction Data - STR Report

US Hotel Construction Was Significantly Down in 2021

The U.S. hotel rooms construction was down roughly 61,000 rooms from the country’s all-time high achieved in early 2020, as per December 2021 pipeline data from STR.

The final two phases of the pipeline, construction and final planning, are down by double digits compared to the same time last year while activity in the planning stage has risen significantly.

December 2021 (percentage change in comparison with December 2020):
In construction: 158,906 rooms (-19.2%)
Final Planning: 185,231 rooms (-20.6%)
Planning: 284,502 rooms (+38.9%)

As of 5 January 2022, New York City showed more than 15,000 rooms in construction. Only five other markets have more than 4,500 rooms in that final phase of the pipeline.

1. New York (15,069 rooms)
2. Las Vegas (5,368 rooms)
3. Atlanta (5,078 rooms)
4. Dallas (4,764 rooms)
5. Nashville (4,708 rooms)
6. Los Angeles (4,620 rooms)