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Vistara The First Indian Airline To Implement ‘RFID AeroCheck’ Technology

Vistara Implements RFIDAeroCheck

Vistara The First Indian Airline To Implement ‘RFID AeroCheck’ Technology

As part of its commitment to upholding the highest safety standards, Vistara today announced its cooperation with Aerospace Software Development (ASD) to become the first scheduled Indian airline to adopt RFIDAeroCheck technology.

The RFIDAeroCheck system from ASD will monitor the presence and expiry of emergency equipment on the airline’s full fleet of Airbus and Boeing planes. Vistara’s RFIDAeroCheck system, another industry first, provides effective monitoring of all life-limited components, verifying their presence aboard the aircraft and track expiry dates.

This is accomplished by storing information about monitored components in a server-wide application database, which includes information about defined equipment kinds, aircraft locations and configurations, and information about various sections.

RFIDAeroCheck is entirely compatible with industry standards since it uses the most recent ATA Spec2000 and GS1 standards.

Aircraft scans may be conducted in minutes with the RFIDAeroCheck, assuring reliable data and timely information about forthcoming needs. An O2 Generator presence and expiration check, which normally takes four man-hours (two mechanics working two hours each), may now be accomplished in 30 seconds.

Mr. SK Dash, Senior Vice President – Engineering, Vistara, said “Ensuring the safety of our customers and employees is the topmost priority at Vistara and we are committed to investing in technologies that aid our growth plans and enhance our safety framework. We are also proud to be the first Indian airline to introduce this cutting-edge technology to the Indian aviation sector – another step in our digital transformation journey.”

Vistara is India’s highest-rated airline on Skytrax and Tripadvisor, and it has also won multiple ‘Best Airline’ accolades, in addition to being praised for its cabin cleanliness and safety standards.