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About the Restaurant Leadership Conference 2022

Key Highlights from the Restaurant Leadership Conference 2022

What You Missed About the Restaurant Leadership Conference 2022

The Restaurant Leadership Conference recently ended in Scottsdale, Arizona. Winsight, the company behind the event described it as “RLC is the home for restaurant executives to hone their leadership skills, discuss solutions to industry challenges, and connect with other senior leadership.”

For a few days, food service professionals and suppliers gather to connect, learn, and exchange ideas about what is working, what changes are on the horizon, and what we can all do together to develop the industry.

We enjoy the Restaurant Leadership Conference because it is smaller, slower-paced, and focuses on both inspiring top-level growth as well as pragmatic information on how to progress your company.

Some of The Key Highlights from the Conference to Help Inspire Your Development:

Growth is enabled by technology:

In some manner, growth is linked to technological progress in practically every single panel and presentation. From the C-suite to the kitchen, we must embrace technology to help us make better decisions, make our employees more productive, and improve the visitor experience.

Know Your Visitors:

We’ve been talking a lot as an industry about being more customized in our marketing by analyzing our visitor data, segmenting based on activity, and employing triggered marketing to provide “the right message at the right time.”

But Paul Brown, Co-Founder, and Chief Executive Officer, of Inspire Brands, framed it in a different way that got me thinking. “If you know your customer target, you can better market to them and enhance their experience. You can’t know your target without analytics and tech. So the more you know about your guest, the more defined you can understand your target”.

Consider Arby’s; they know exactly who their target consumer profile is and talk directly to them.

The New Delivery Model Is Pick-Up Service:

The statistics reveal that an increasing proportion of guests prefer to order ahead of time and pick up their food. According to the Epsilon study, there will be an 11% increase in pickup orders in 2021. That implies we need to improve the pickup process.

Decision-Making Based On Data:

No strategies should be carried out unless you have received some sort of knowledge from analyzing your data, not only sales! If we are to continue to overcome obstacles, we must become data-focused.

Sale Is Not Everything:

When assessing data, we must consider all data, not just sales. One of the most popular examples came from a panel discussion on Limited Time Offers (LTOs:) If you merely look at how an LTO sold, you’re not getting the whole picture. What about social media involvement, the lifetime value of visitors who purchase LTOs, press coverage, and so on? Marketing is responsible for assisting the firm in understanding the value of brand activities outside of sales.

Be Nimble-Witted:

Aside from the fact that QR codes are returning, the panto demic has proven us that to as a business, we must embrace adaptability and evolution. Supply chain, labor scarcity, work from home… we are in a state of change, and the better we ride the waves, the more successful we will be in the long run!