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WTTC Report Shows Decrease in Water Intensity as Tourism Grows

Reduction in Water Intensity by Tourists

WTTC Report Shows Decrease in Water Intensity as Tourism Grows

The World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) recently unveiled a groundbreaking report titled ‘Water Roadmap for Travel & Tourism,’ revealing a significant reduction in total water intensity used by the global travel & tourism sector. 

While Travel & Tourism accounted for 3.5% to 5.8% of global freshwater usage in 2021 and 2019 respectively, it remains a lower consumer compared to sectors like agriculture. Nevertheless, the growing issue of water scarcity poses a critical challenge to sustainable development, with billions of people lacking access to safe drinking water and sanitation services.

Collaborating with Accenture and Oxford Economics, WTTC’s report emphasizes the importance of sustainable water practices and sets a framework for stakeholders to establish water targets, reduce their water footprint, and enhance water resilience globally. The data reveals a decline in water usage in Europe and Africa despite an increase in international arrivals, showcasing opportunities for further reduction in water consumption.

WTTC President & CEO, Julia Simpson, highlights the sector’s potential to drive sustainable water practices globally. With technology playing a crucial role in water stewardship efforts, organizations are urged to leverage data-driven strategies to address water risks effectively. The report introduces the Water Management Action Framework, emphasizing the importance of tailored solutions and collaborative efforts to ensure a resilient future for the travel industry.