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Americans Utilizing Paid Vacation Holidays

Americans Making Travel A Top Priority In 2022

Americans Utilizing Paid Vacation Holidays

According to a recent report, Americans are making use of their paid vacation days and considering making travel a priority. In the Allianz Partners USA’s 14th Annual Vacation Confidence Index, the majority of respondents had taken a vacation in the recent year, demonstrating that Americans have never been more committed to taking an annual vacation.

The Survey shows that 57 % of Americans took a vacation of at least a week to a place 100 miles or more away from home in the previous year, a 44 % rise over the previous year. This has been reported to be the greatest % of Americans traveling since the research began in 2009.

“Our latest Vacation Confidence Index proves that taking an annual vacation has never been more important to Americans, and we’re seeing record levels of confidence that they’ll travel between now and the end of the year,” Allianz director of external communications Daniel Durazo said.

Also, according to Allianz’s survey, 74 % of Americans value yearly vacations, up from 60 % in 2019 and one % more than last year. Another 65% stated good vacation intentions, up 2% from last year and a whopping 13% more than the highest preceding year polled (52 % in 2014).

Furthermore, 43 % of Americans have not taken a vacation in a year or longer, a 13 % decrease from the previous year. Older Americans (55+) are more hesitant than their younger counterparts (55 %)