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Argentina Highlights Its Sustainable Nature Tourism

Argentina sustainable tourism

Argentina Highlights Its Sustainable Nature Tourism


The National Institute of Tourism Promotion (INPROTUR) of Argentina visited World Travel Market in order to reconnect with the British market. Britain continues to increase its tourism to Argentina. In the last six months, the nation has received over 50 percent more visitors than in 2019. Since the beginning of the year, around 30,000 British visitors have visited Argentina.

Tourism authorities from Argentina emphasized the country’s attractions, including its eleven UNESCO World Heritage Sites, diversified picturesque landscapes, and cuisine. Argentina is an excellent location for sustainable ecotourism due to its awe-inspiring landscapes, which vary from glaciers and ice fields to pampas grasslands, mountains, and waterfalls.

Sustainable tourism attempts to conserve the biodiversity of a place, protect the environment, prevent the pollution of a region, support the well-being and growth of local communities, and encourage both residents and visitors to behave responsibly. Sustainable ecotourism requires minimizing your influence on the natural environment and safeguarding the preservation of a tourist area. Each year, the number of visitors increases globally, but if tourism is conducted properly, it may lead to the protection of natural resources and the preservation of regions of natural beauty.

“The return of the British Airways direct flight from March 2023 shows the commitment of our key UK airline partner to boost visitor numbers,” Ricardo Sosa, Executive Secretary at INPROTUR, said.

Sustainable tourism and showcasing the country’s natural landscapes are priorities for 2023. At La Ruta Natural, visitors may now enjoy 17 distinct, in-depth excursions around the country, which include 150 natural locations. A new site of luxury glamping accommodations is scheduled to debut in 2023 close to Iguazu Falls and Jujuy in the country’s northern region.