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Travel planning app for social media influencers

Arlo Hotels' IYA App Empowers Social Media Influencers in Travel Planning

Arlo Hotels’ IYA App Empowers Social Media Influencers in Travel Planning

Arlo Hotels has launched the If You Arlo (IYA) app, reshaping the hospitality industry by elevating social media influencers to the role of travel advisors. This innovative loyalty program signifies a new era where influencers, friends, family, and other content creators play a vital role in driving hotel bookings and guest loyalty.

In today’s social media-dominated travel landscape, Arlo Hotels recognizes the powerful influence of influencers on consumer decisions. A recent survey found that 83 percent of Millennials are more likely to book a hotel after seeing images posted by someone they follow on social media. The IYA app taps into this trend, offering influencers a platform to engage their followers with insider discounts and tips, while also earning rewards for their contributions.

Jimmy Suh, Chief Commercial Officer at Arlo Hotels, highlighted the transformative potential of the IYA app, stating, “Social influencers are a new class of travel agents, but they have lacked the infrastructure to make it actionable—until now. Travel is tailor-made for socially driven commerce. Our aim with the If You Arlo app is to offer influencers an opportunity to capitalize on their passion for travel and Arlo Hotels.”

He continued, “We recognize that many of our guests’ decisions stem from the folks they follow and trust, i.e., their social network. With the app, we can now understand who these folks are and reward them for it. We’re also very community-driven, and if we can offer our community a program to pay it forward by offering their friends and followers exclusive discounts, it’s a win-win.”

Arlo Hotels believes that the IYA app not only enables influencers to monetize their content but also addresses the challenges faced by independent lifestyle hotels in competing with larger chains. By leveraging social media, Arlo Hotels bridges the distribution gap, providing consumers with a more personalized and authentic understanding of the unique stay experiences offered by independent properties.

To join the ranks of social media agents for Arlo Hotels, individuals can download the If You Arlo app from the Apple App Store (the Google Play version is coming soon) and join the waitlist. Approved agents can then share their unique IYA code, earning points towards future savings and surprise rewards at any Arlo hotel. The brand currently operates three properties in Brooklyn (New York City), Chicago, and Miami, with a Washington D.C. location set to open in Fall 2024.