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Unusual flying speeds achieved by flights

Transatlantic Flights Reach Near Supersonic Speeds

Transatlantic Flights Reach Near Supersonic Speeds Due to Strong Atlantic Jet Stream

A Virgin Atlantic flight from Washington to London soared nearly 800 mph, surpassing the speed of sound, which is 767 mph. Another passenger jet, flying from Newark Airport to Lisbon, Portugal, reached an astonishing 835 mph, benefiting from the powerful jet stream.

Typically, transatlantic flights cruise at around 550 mph. However, the current speed was significantly boosted by the Atlantic jet stream, a fast-moving air current that circulates the globe from west to east at speeds of approximately 110 mph.

While flights often utilize the jet stream to reduce travel time, with some reporting time savings of up to an hour, the recent speeds were exceptional. The National Weather Service of the Washington/Baltimore area noted that the Atlantic jet stream had reached speeds of 265 mph, significantly enhancing the aircrafts’ velocity.

Despite flying faster than the speed of sound, the planes did not break the sound barrier, as their speed was augmented by the wind rather than their own propulsion.

The intensified Atlantic jet stream is attributed to the clash of frigid northern air and warmer southern air, a phenomenon that typically occurs more frequently in winter but has been particularly robust this year, possibly due to the influence of El NiƱo and the evolving climate.