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At AAHOACON 2022, AAHOA Leaders Talk About Innovation and Recovery

Industry Leaders Discuss Innovation & Recovery At AAHOA CON 22

At AAHOACON 2022, Industry Leaders Talk About Innovation and Recovery

On Tuesday, April 12, the 2022 AAHOA Convention and Trade Show (AAHOACON) began. As the projected 6,000 guests arrived and more than 500 exhibitors set up on the trade show floor, AAHOA’s 2021-2022 officers held a press conference to discuss this year’s convention and the topic they chose was “Innovation”.

Vinay Patel, 2021-2022 AAHOA chairman, opined that hoteliers are delighted to see some return to routine, such as the resumption of major industry conferences like AAHOACON, even as pandemic-era issues linger, including lending, building, and purchasing.

Vinay Patel said that he hopes members walk away from this year’s conference “feeling educated, good about themselves, good about the industry as a whole, and good about the association.”

Bharat Patel, 2021-2022 AAHOA treasurer, agrees that there is hope and excitement in the business, “I think we’re seeing the beginning of the end of the pandemic and the light at the end of the tunnel. We’ve got great numbers for this year’s convention.”

Nishant (Neal) Patel, 2021-2022 vice-chairman and incoming 2022-2023 chairman noted that improving connections with franchisors is a high priority for AAHOA members in the next year.

Miraj Patel, 2021-2022 secretary stated that visitors increasingly demand housing alternatives that provide the comforts and facilities of home. While hotels have taken measures to improve the design in response to guest expectations, the industry has lagged behind in terms of technology.