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Travel Survey Reveals Stress Points Of Business Travelers

Major Stress Areas for Business Travelers

Travel Survey Reveals Stress Points Of Business Travelers

According to a recent BCD Travel poll of 875 business travellers globally, while 89% of business travellers think employee wellness is a priority at their firm, just 51% believe their organization offers traveller wellbeing assistance.

Mike Janssen, Global Chief Operating Officer and Chief Commercial Officer at BCD, says, “As employees get back to travel, companies should be aware of key stress factors for business travelers, stemming from disruptions related to ongoing pandemic uncertainties, travel restrictions and geopolitical events”.

According to the report, complicated processes and rapid changes create more pre-trip worry than the booking process.

The following are the three major stressors before a trip:

  • Comprehending COVID requirements and preparing necessary documentation (54 %)
  • Re-scheduling in the event of modifications or cancellations (44 %)
  • The least stressful aspects of travel are booking flights (18%) & lodging (16%).

Travel-related stressors include:

  • Flight cancellations and delays (64 %)
  • Tight interconnections (53 %)
  • Long-distance flights in economy class (40 %)
  • Orientation or transportation to the location is the least stressful (13 %).

Post-trip stressors include the following:

  • Getting caught up on office work (51 %)
  • Compiling expenditure reports (45%)
  • Catching up on neglected domestic or family responsibilities (39% ).
  • Jet lag (22%) and following up on business outcomes after a trip (21%) are the least stressful.