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China Avalanche Crisis

1,000 Tourists Rescued After Hemu Village Stranding

China Avalanche Crisis: 1,000 Tourists Rescued After Hemu Village Stranding

Approximately 1,000 tourists were evacuated from a remote mountain village in China’s Xinjiang region after being stranded for days due to avalanches. The area experienced heavy snowfall, leading to frequent avalanches and blocking access roads to the Hemu village.

  • Details of the Situation:
    • Around 1,000 tourists were stranded in Hemu village, China, due to avalanches in the Xinjiang region.
    • Heavy snowfall resulted in avalanches covering some areas with more than seven meters of snow.
    • The avalanches blocked access roads, isolating the area for several days.
    • Helicopters were deployed to transport essential supplies to the stranded tourists and residents.
    • Injured individuals from the avalanches were prioritized for airlifting.
    • The road-clearing efforts took approximately a week, and at one point, about 200 miles of road were blocked by snow.