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Covid-19 Sniffing Dogs Claimed to Detect Infected People with 99% Accuracy

In an interesting development, Covid19 detection dogs seem to have been deployed at the Miami International Airport (MIA), which is a first instance of its kind. This is a strange development, which may leave many people surprised as to how dogs can detect whether a person is infected with the Covid-19 virus.

The MIA eld a 30 day Covid19 detection dog program. The science behind this might not be clear to lot of people. They say the virus may cause certain kinds of metabolic changes in the infected person’s body which may produce certain volatile organic compounds, which are then excreted by the body through the person’s breath and sweat, which carry a specific scent that can be detected by these dogs.

It is being claimed that the dogs can detect the infected persons with 98-99% accuracy. These are very big claims indeed. It is still not very clear as to how much of these claims are backed and approved by the scientific community, and what kind of experiments or investigations were done to verify these claims.

There are seemingly 2 dogs at the moment doing the detection duty at the airport. Time will tell whether this practice be adopted by other airports in the country or not.