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bab al qasr dining in the dark

Want To Dine In Pitch Black Darkness? Head Over to Bab Al Qasr, UAE

It is said that when you shut off one of your senses, the sensitivity of the others is heightened, which can lead to entirely new experiences for the individual.

With this in mind, award winning beach hotel and resort, Bab Al Qasr Hotel & Residencies, located in Abu Dhabi, UAE, has introduced a novel concept – Dining in the Dark.

Diners will be seated in pitch-black room. The waiters will have night vision equipment and they will lead the guests to the table in the darkness. The 3 course meal packages start from AED 249 per person.

Visitors will need to hand over all their light emitting gadgets before entering the dark room. This includes smart phones, smart watches, cameras, etc. These gadgets will be kept safely while you enjoy your meals in complete darkness, where you just use your other senses, specially those of taste and smell, to derive the maximum pleasure from your food.

Once you are finished and come out of the darkness into the lights, the chef will quiz you over what you thought you ate. If you wish they will reveal to you all the details of the three course meals, or keep it a secret if you prefer it to stay a mystery.

The man behind this concept is Elias Saad, who is the director of food and beverage for the 5-star hotel. The hotel is currently operating limited seating for the diners in the dark.