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Popularity of beautiful and romantic getaways for couples is on the rise

Destination Wedding and Honeymoon Market Soars

Destination Wedding and Honeymoon Market Soars Amidst Travel Resurgence

The travel industry is experiencing a remarkable surge in destination weddings and romance travel, with travel advisors finding themselves busier than ever.

According to John Hawks, Executive Director of the Destination Wedding & Honeymoon Specialists Association (DWHSA), the pandemic has fundamentally altered couples’ perceptions of travel, transforming it from a luxury to a priority.

The destination wedding market has seen a significant uptick, with bookings skyrocketing from $21 billion in 2022 to $28 billion in 2023. Industry experts anticipate that these numbers will continue to rise in 2024. Despite the initial decline in destination weddings during the pandemic, the segment has experienced a resurgence, surpassing 2019 levels.

Susan Essert from Susan’s Getaways/Dream Vacations noted that the size of destination weddings has expanded post-pandemic, with couples increasingly opting for larger gatherings as travel restrictions ease. While traditional beachfront destinations like Mexico and the Caribbean remain popular, there is a growing trend towards more unique venues, including river cruises, safaris, and exotic locales such as Fiji and Bali.

In addition to traditional destination weddings, there is a growing trend towards “buddymoons” and “splitmoons,” where friends and family join couples for part of the trip or couples visit multiple destinations. Affordable honeymoons with a splurge, such as upgrading to a luxurious suite, are also on the rise.

Couples are increasingly seeking customized experiences for their guests, including alternative welcome events and enhanced closing events. They are also opting for destination-specific menu options and utilizing off-site vendors and artisans to personalize their ceremonies.

Despite the popularity of destinations like the Caribbean and Mexico, couples are looking for unique experiences to make their weddings stand out. This trend reflects a shift towards creating memorable experiences for guests, highlighting the evolving landscape of destination weddings and romance travel.