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Holiday Plans Despite the Cost-of-Living Crisis

Holiday Plans Despite the Cost-of-Living Crisis: UK Travel Trends for 2024

Despite the ongoing cost-of-living crisis, a new study by travel money provider, John Lewis Finance, reveals that 71% of UK adults are either already planning or likely to go on a holiday in 2024.

On average, holidaymakers plan to go on three trips this year, with the UK being the most popular destination, as 40% of respondents plan a staycation. Spain, France, and the US follow closely behind in the list of top travel destinations for 2024.

Beach holidays and city breaks are the most popular types of getaways, with 40% of adults planning a beach holiday and 39% opting for a city break. All-inclusive or resort holidays are the third most popular choice, with 19% planning to go on such a holiday.

When it comes to accommodation, hotels are the preferred option for 61% of holidaymakers, while only 13% choose Airbnb or homestays.

Regarding money matters, 70% of UK adults always exchange foreign currency before traveling abroad, with 79% finding it more accessible to have local currency while away. However, 33% have experienced situations where they were unable to buy something due to not having enough cash.

Matt Richardson at John Lewis Finance highlighted the importance of having a holiday to look forward to, whether it’s a short trip in the UK or further afield. He also emphasized the significance of carrying local currency to fully experience and enjoy authentic local experiences while traveling abroad.