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Domestic Air Travel Costs Rapidly Rising in the US

28% Increase in Air Tickets Vs Pre-Pandemic Levels of March 2019

Domestic Air Travel Costs Rapidly Rising in the U.S

According to new statistics released by Adobe last Tuesday, the cost of domestic flight travel in the United States is rapidly increasing.  As per Adobe’s 2021 Digital Economy Index, the average price is rising because of growing fuel costs and the high demand for tickets.

In March, Americans spent $8.8 billion on domestic plane tickets. The statistic reflects a 28 per cent rise above pre-pandemic levels in March 2019. Per the Adobe statistics, fares jumped by 20%, while the total number of bookings increased by 12%.

This comes after the White House issued a warning about “extraordinarily rising” inflation levels, owing mostly to the economic consequences of Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine.

The report also says travelers are feeling more comfortable committing to time away.