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Dual Hotel Rates In Thailand One For Tourists & One For Locals

Thailand tourism ministry has confirmed the intention to implement dual hotel prices

Dual Hotel Rates In Thailand for Tourists & Locals


Thailand is steadily redefining itself as a more upscale location, trying to attract more ‘high-end’ guests rather than the traditional backpackers that flocked into Phuket previous to 2020. Specifically, individuals who are willing to pay Western pricing when visiting the typically low-cost Southeast Asian metropolis.

The Tourism Ministry has confirmed the intention to implement dual hotel prices, which should be enforced soon. It plans to implement two price tiers across the hotel sector to resuscitate its Covid-stricken economy: “one for visitors and another for locals and residents”.

Thailand has had some time to consider what type of tourist destination it wants to be in a post-Covid world after closing its doors to tourists for the better part of the previous two years.

As predicted, Thai officials are moving further away from the mass tourism that threatened to overrun the country with each new revelation. Thailand was formerly renowned as a safe sanctuary for young budget visitors before the pandemic, but this may soon change. By instituting new visitor levies, restricting access to iconic beaches made famous by Hollywood films, and now imposing additional fees, the Southeast Asian behemoth is becoming a more costly destination than it was previously.

Thailand cautiously reopened earlier this year, eliminating the Thailand Pass and making it easier to enter, and it also lowered hotel fees in an obvious attempt to entice more foreigners. This implies that travelers returning to Thailand now that entry restrictions have been relaxed can take advantage of much lower accommodation prices.

However, since some of their most significant markets (e.g., Russia and China) are likely to stay closed forever, severely affecting enterprises, the liberal policy may not last much longer. After all, Thailand’s economy is in trouble and desperately needs the good old holiday finances.

“In the hospitality business, the Tourism Ministry will request that hotels establish a ‘dual-tariff structure’ policy, requiring foreigners to pay rates comparable to, or even higher than, 2019 levels to support a speedier recovery of the industry”.‘ Traisureee Taisaranakul, a government spokesman, confirmed.

Thailand, like any other developing country, has suffered massive economic losses as a result of the pandemic, including currency depreciation and a rollercoaster of price changes. The revelation of additional visitor taxes is unlikely to delight anyone, but considering all sides of the story, some travelers may agree, while others may prefer to visit another nation entirely