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First Time In History Mexico Hotels Costs More Than U.S.

Hotels In Mexico Are Charging Lot More Than In 2019

First Time In History Mexico Hotels Costs More Than U.S.

For perhaps the first time in its history, hotels in popular Mexican vacation locations are more expensive than those in the United States.

And, given that hotel prices in Mexico have allegedly risen by 103 percent since the pandemicc, the revelation may come as no surprise.

When it comes to the lodging preferences of travellers, the nation’s 4 star – and above – hotels are proving to be the most popular alternatives, with such hotels being promoted at higher prices than those around the United States and Canada.

Accommodation options for travellers visiting Mexico are also substantially more expensive than before the pandemic, with STR sales officer Rico Louwe recently revealing that “hotels are charging lot more than in 2019.”

However, not all hotels inside the nation have witnessed a rise in business, with certain hotel establishments, particularly in Mexico City, seeing more than half of their rooms stay empty.

And it appears that beach resorts and hotels are proving to be the most popular among vacationers. Instead of closing its boundaries to tourists, Mexican authorities opted to do the opposite, allowing international visitors to enter the country for tourism purposes, with passengers subject to relatively few access conditions.

Not only has this resulted in a considerably speedier recovery of its tourist sector, but Mexico has also become one of the most visited countries in the world, with 31 million international visitors expected in 2021. Since January of this year, tourists have been permitted to enter as they would have in pre-pandemic periods, since the country was the second – on the whole world – to remove all entrance restrictions (2022).

And, with more regular and inexpensive flights to Mexico, there is little question that the nation will continue to welcome millions of tourists, particularly Americans and Canadians from surrounding countries.