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Eastern Europe Is The Most Restriction-Free Region Of The World

All Welcome Irrespective of Covid Status

Eastern Europe Is Now The Most Restriction-Free Region Of The World

As the first group of nations to ban tourism in the aftermath of Covid, Europe is paradoxically setting the road for the reintroduction of international travel and promoting pre-pandemic normalcy. More than half of the continent has eliminated Covid entry rules, and the Balkans have become the world’s most restriction-free zone along its eastern border.

The continent’s borders were restricted even more, especially after catastrophic setbacks like Omicron, and intricate travel procedures made it almost difficult for many to visit. Despite the fact that the Balkans have traditionally had a more lenient attitude to Covid, with countries like Croatia and Albania leading the way, the entire peninsula has now chosen to eliminate entrance restrictions completely.

The Balkans are completely accessible to tourists, regardless of nationality or immunization status. The Balkans have no boundaries, from the castle-dotted alpine peaks of Westernmost Slovenia to the lively metropolises of Easternmost Turkey.

Even if you just intend to visit one nation, such as Croatia, you will almost certainly have to cross a border or two. Because Balkan republics are so small, you’ll most likely be going through other countries to get to your final destination, which makes country-hopping throughout the peninsula a breeze especially if you’re driving.

All Are Welcome Irrespective Of Covid Status:

In sum, there are: No pre-departure tests irrespective of vaccination, No vaccination requirements, No recovery letter for the unvaccinated, No post-arrival tests, No mandatory quarantine, No other health-related entry requirement.

Now that the whole peninsula has re-established pre-pandemic entry norms, you are free to travel across the Balkan nations without having to worry about testing for Covid or even showing a vaccination permit. Traveling from Croatia to Bosnia, then back to Croatia and concluding in Slovenia is as simple as it has always been.