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Emirates Airlines Serving 77 Million Passengers Above the Clouds

Serving 77 Million Passengers Above the Clouds

Emirates’ Sky-High Culinary – Serving 77 Million Passengers Above the Clouds

Emirates, the world’s largest international airline, has revealed the immense scale of its culinary operation, sharing fascinating facts about the gourmet products, dedicated chefs, and meticulous attention to detail required to cater to over 77 million customers annually.

With 490 daily flights, Emirates serves a staggering 215,000 meals each day, totaling 149 meals every minute across the globe. This feat is accomplished by 1400 chefs at the Emirates Flight Catering Facility in Dubai and partner caterers worldwide.

Onboard Emirates, customers enjoy a diverse range of meals from a library of 2,200 recipes each month. This includes 6 million kilograms of fresh chicken, 350,000 kilograms of beef, and 266,000 kilograms of Atlantic salmon fillets, among other ingredients.

Emirates’ chefs use over 938,000 kilograms of fresh cream, 32,000 kilograms of Masala cashew nuts, and 98,000 kilograms of fresh strawberries annually. First and Business Class passengers indulge in premium offerings like 3.5 million single-serve bottles of olive oil and balsamic vinegar, 14,000 kilograms of Australian Yarra Valley feta cheese, and 1.2 million beef tenderloin steaks.

To further elevate the dining experience, Emirates incorporates premium ingredients such as truffle, foie gras, black cod, and Canadian lobster. Gourmet garnishes like Bzar spices, Beurre D’Isigny butter, and gold and silver leaf are used for presentation.

Economy Class passengers on European routes are treated to individual pots of Marshfield’s ice cream, while those from Ireland enjoy yogurt from Killowen Farm. Snacks onboard include 2 million packages of mixed nuts, 250,000 dates, 22,000 kilograms of Kalamata olives, and over 40 million pieces of gourmet chocolate.

Emirates’ cabin crew undergo extensive training to ensure impeccable service, including food plating, wine pairing, and tea and coffee service. This commitment to excellence is part of Emirates’ Hospitality strategy, focused on delivering excellence, attentiveness, innovation, and passion in the sky.