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Cheap Flights to Europe

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Flights to Europe Are More Affordable Than They Have Been in Years!

With borders reopening and travel resuming, there has never been a better opportunity to arrange a trip to Europe. According to recent research from travel company “Hopper”, the average cost of a round-trip ticket between the United States and Europe has plummeted to its lowest level in five years: $565 round-trip.

Through airfare fares rose throughout the summer as Europe lifted restrictions on American passengers, they’ve dropped considerably as we’ve gone into the autumn. According to Hopper, this might be due to significant differences in how European countries handle international passengers, notably those from the United States.

While it was a bit of a free for during the summer, some nations are already restoring test restrictions and quarantines for American tourists as case numbers with new variations grow. Others, on the other hand, continue to welcome Americans with little constraints.

“Without a unified travel policy throughout the EU airlines may offer big reductions on rates as they combine their trans- Atlantic route planning with some of the excess seat capacity added back during the summer,” Adit Damodaran noted in Hopper’s research.

Despite increased travel uncertainty, American travellers are expected to take advantage of the offers. According to Hopper, “search traffic for flights to Europe are now up 14 % week over week, which is a significant rise given that demand for foreign travel normally drops throughout the fall shoulder season”.

Flight bookings to Europe using the business’s app are also up 33% week over week, according to the company.

If you are looking for the best deals on a last-minute fall trip to Europe, go no farther than Madrid, Lisbon, Barcelona, and Dublin – each destination has seen round-trip rates from the United States dipped below $500 in the last seven days.

According to Hopper “Reykjavik, Iceland ($505), Porto, Portugal ($506), Milan, Italy ($518), Helsinki, Finland ($518), Rome ($526), and Athens ($564) are other inexpensive options”.