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Free Hospitality Course To Solve Labor Shortage Problem

As Covid-19 restrictions are being lifted in New York and other states, life seems to be returning back to normal. More people have started dining out in restaurants. But with this a new problem has sprung up.

The restaurant and travel industry seem to be seeing unprecedented rise in demand as people were probably missing the travel and dining out all this while so they are coming out in droves. As demand rises, so also the need for more staff in hotels.

According to an surprising statistic, only 60% of pre-pandemic hospitality workers returned to their jobs in the hospitality sector in New York, according to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics. This is leading to extreme labor shortage.

Rockaway Hotel in NY is experiencing similar problem of worker shortage as rest of the hotels. They are finding it difficult to serve breakfast to their guests. The people who have returned to work may be finding it very exhausting as they are overloaded with work.

Terence Tubridy, founder of IGC Hospitality Group has come up with a unique solution for this labor crisis. He launched ‘The Hospitality Way’, a free course for people to get into the hospitality industry.

According to Tubridy, “We need to reintroduce people to hospitality and the gifts this industry really provides. This path to upward mobility to serve people and make them happy is the key.” By offering this free course, which is held once per week, Tubridy hopes to recruit more people.

“What we found was that we had 20 people sign up and finish the course, 16 of them are currently employed in businesses in various businesses throughout the peninsula and it was a great success,” he stated.

With successful first run, ‘The Hospitality Way’ is very likely to be offered again to the public during the coming fall and winter seasons.