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Big Companies Using Creative Ways to Lure Employees – Hotels Can Learn Few Tricks

The whole world in general and USA in particular have been badly hit by staff shortage. Big companies have come up with some creative ways to lure people to join them. Hoteliers can probably borrow some of these ideas to solve their labor problem.

The Labor Department said that around 4 million workers in the US quit their jobs in April – which happens to be a 20-year record! Almost all businesses have been struggling with labor shortage, be it healthcare, education or IT sector but the hospitality sector seems to be the worst hit among all.

Long hours, low pay, bad benefits, unruly and rude customers have led to thousands upon thousands of workers to quit their jobs in utter frustration.

As the labor shortage continues, companies are coming up with creative ways to lure and attract employees. Business houses are offering perks, free accommodation, college tuition fees and even free food and free hotel stays in order to lure more and more employees to join them. Some companies are even offering as much as $50 for applicants just for turning up for interviews!

The US Chamber of Commerce has termed this a ‘national economic emergency’ and said that the labor shortage was holding back recovery from the pandemic. Companies are desperately calling people to join them. Some companies have hiked up the wages while others are offering education perks.

Omni Hotels and Resorts is giving new employees up to 3 free nights stay at an Omni hotel of their choice. The hotel chain is also providing members of its culinary team with a free set of knives.

A McDonald’s restaurant situated in Altamont, Illinois, is giving away iPhones to new recruits if they stay on the job for six months. Supermarket chains including Ollie’s Bargain Outlet, Sheetz, and Tops Markets are stated to be offering new recruits sign-on bonuses as high as $2,000.