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frontier airlines lands dues to bad odor

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Frontier Airlines Flights Lands in North Caroline Due to Bad Odour

“The plane stinks so awful that it had to make an emergency landing.”

An odour-related issue led a Frontier Airlines flight to make an emergency landing yesterday. Flight 91559 was carrying 102 passengers and crew when odour began to waft through the plane, prompting the crew to make an emergency landing at the closest airfield.

The Orlando- bound aeroplane took off from Norfolk, but it had to make an emergency landing at Raleigh-Durham International Airport due to hazardous gases. The emergency slides were deployed upon landing, and passengers were evacuated on the taxiway.

According to the report, none of the 102 passengers on board was hurt and was all re-booked on later flights to their ultimate destinations.

Frontier Airlines flights have garnered news for a variety of reasons in recent months.

A Frontier Airlines trip from Miami to New York was grounded in March when “a big number passengers continually failed to comply” with the FAA’s mask laws, while several passengers claimed the “huge group” was one infant.

Furious altercations broke out on frontier Airlines aircraft from Philadelphia in July after a passenger allegedly complained to another that he was taking too long to retrieve his bags from the overhead bins.

Images emerged in August of a man being strapped to a Frontier Airlines seat after reportedly punching a male flight attendant and aggressively touching two female flight attendants.