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Hawaii Travel: Honolulu Mayor Announces Covid-Related Restrictions Will Be Lifted

Honolulu Mayor Rick Blangiardi said on Wednesday that several coronavirus-related restrictions on outdoor and indoor activities will be lifted beginning in November.

According to, Blangiardi stated that the city is proceeding with the relaxed travel restrictions on November 3 without the state’s approval, but that all managed events will require attendees to be fully vaccinated, except for children 12 and under who cannot yet receive the shot.

Large outdoor and indoor seating events will be permitted to reach maximum capacity beginning next Wednesday, but all guests must be properly vaccinated. They will also be compelled to wear masks and will not be provided food or beverages.

“We’re heading differently,” Blangiardi explained “The state recognises this, and the City and County have assumed full responsibility.” It’s become the new accepted standard. Our public health is a priority, but the time has come to move on.”

The mayor also declared that the maximum number of persons allowed to attend indoor interactive events, such as weddings and funerals, will be 150 beginning Wednesday and increasing to 300 by November 24.

Hawaii Tourism Authority (HTA) President and CEO John De Fries issued the following statement in response to Mayor Blangiardi’s announcement:

“Mayor Blangiardi’s decision to relax Oahu’s indoor and outdoor venue capacity regulations is good news for our community and the tourism business.”

“The timing allows people and businesses to fully enjoy the holidays, and it is an essential step toward our economic recovery and improving the whole experience of being in Hawaii during this festive season. We will continue to encourage those who can be vaccinated to do so, as well as everyone to follow the established safety recommendations of wearing masks and keeping a safe distance from others.”