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Hospitality House & The County of Nevada Join Forces To Respond To Snowstorm Crisis;

Hospitality House and County of Nevada Snowstorm Support

Hospitality House & The County of Nevada Join Forces To Respond To Snowstorm Crisis

With an estimated 20,000 people still without power, Hospitality House and the County of Nevada have joined together to provide up to 19 additional people, including snowfall victims, with a secure place to rest and recover. Wraparound support services and care will be provided to the 19 guests, including warm nutritious meals, hot showers, laundry, and specialized help to individuals who have lost their homes.

Because of the hazardous conditions caused by recent storm activity, Nevada County Health and Human Services Director Ryan Gruver started an increased response, contacting a range of community partners, including Hospitality House, which reacted by offering 19 beds.

“We saw an opportunity to help more people by partnering with a variety of nonprofits, including Hospitality House, so it was a natural next step as we continue to work together toward community recovery,” said Gruver. “This meaningful collaboration is now meeting an urgent need.”

In response to this life-threatening crisis, Hospitality House began mobilizing staff to transition guests to various locations to accommodate the expansion efforts. This short-term, temporary program will be in full swing over the next seven days, helping people who were previously in warming shelters across town.

“We’re prepared to help each client with anything s/he needs, whether its securing new permanent housing or providing a safe place to stay until the power at their home can be restored,” said Tyson Powers, program officer at Hospitality House.

The community has recognized the County’s leadership role in this critical and impactful joint response, which has covered all operating costs to guarantee that more individuals receive the assistance they require when they require it the most.

Those in need of storm support or other assistance are asked to contact 2-1-1 at 1-833-DIAL-211, the state’s key community service organization. Those in need of refuge or housing assistance should contact Hospitality House at (530) 271-7144.