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Top Luxury Resorts In The World For Internships In Hospitality Industry

Hotel Internship At Luxury Resorts

Top Luxury Resorts In The World For Internships In Hospitality Industry

Getting an internship at one of the top resorts is usually beneficial to one’s résumé. During the internship, candidates are thoroughly evaluated and provided regular feedback. During the internship, a candidate is assigned to many departments so that after the internship, they are familiar with all the workarounds.

Here is a list of some of the greatest luxury resorts in the globe for hospitality internships:

  1. Dubai’s Bulgari Hotel: The hotel is recognized for instilling confidence and providing the candidate with both theoretical and practical expertise during their internship. The hotel provides a broad overview of the fundamental and main processes carried out at the hotel, as well as what goes into them. Once finishing the internship at the Bulgari hotel, one is genuinely succeeding in both soft and hard abilities, which will help them progress in their profession.
  2. Laos, Amantaka Hotel: The hotel is known across the globe for its wooden ceilings, four-poster beds, and elaborate private verandas. The hospitality section is fantastic, and you will gain valuable experience throughout your internship.
  3. Bethesda’s Marriott Hotel: This Marriott is unlike any other Marriott in the world since it allows interns to be the hotel’s brand ambassador in an easier way. Interns are assigned and relocated to different departments so that they can gain hands-on experience in all areas and be beneficial in the long term. The internship time here lasts roughly 6 months and is separated into two batches: summer and winter, which begin in June and December, respectively.
  4. Four Seasons Hotel George V, Paris: The Four Seasons Hotel George V was established in 1928 and is in Paris’ Golden Triangle. The hotel boasts spacious rooms with views of the Eiffel Tower. The internship has been extremely beneficial to the candidates, and they are also rotated to different departments regularly so that they are familiar with all departments and can manage any difficulties that may or may not arise once they have completed their internship with the hotel.
  5. New York’s Westin Hotel and Resorts: It is not easy to gain a job at the Westin Hotel and Resorts in New York. If your college provides you with a letter of reference and speaks well of you, you may be chosen for this internship, they follow this since they believe such individuals are more serious and devoted to work than the rest of the bunch. A cheerful professional with excellent communication skills is required to get selected.