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Hyatt's Growth Continues Unabated With Record Global Pipeline of 129,000 Rooms

Hyatt’s Growth Continues – Record Global Pipeline of 129,000 Rooms

Hyatt Hotels Corporation has announced a significant milestone in its growth momentum, with a record global pipeline of 129,000 rooms. This remarkable achievement marks a substantial increase of nearly 85% since 2017, solidifying Hyatt’s position as a leading hospitality brand.


Growth highlights:

  1. Record Pipeline: Hyatt’s pipeline has reached a record 129,000 rooms, demonstrating the company’s commitment to expansion and growth.
  2. Lifestyle and Resort Segments: The growth is driven by the success of lifestyle and resort segments, which have seen significant demand and development.
  3. Upper-Midscale Hyatt Brand: The introduction of the upper-midscale Hyatt brand has also contributed to the growth, offering a new option for travelers seeking a balance between quality and affordability.
  4. Global Reach: The pipeline includes projects across the globe, reflecting Hyatt’s commitment to expanding its presence in diverse markets and regions.
  5. Sustainability: Hyatt’s growth strategy emphasizes sustainability, with a focus on environmentally friendly and socially responsible practices throughout its operations.