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SITA Enters Maritime Sector With the Launch of SmartSea

SITA Enters Maritime Sector With the Launch of SmartSea

SITA, a leading provider of IT solutions for the air transport industry, has expanded its presence in the maritime sector by launching SmartSea, a new digital platform designed to enhance the efficiency and sustainability of maritime operations. 

This strategic move marks a significant milestone in SITA’s journey to diversify its services and leverage its expertise in digital transformation to benefit the maritime industry.

The main features of SmartSea include:

  1. Comprehensive Digital Platform: SmartSea is a comprehensive digital platform that integrates various maritime operations, including vessel tracking, cargo management, and supply chain visibility, to enhance efficiency and reduce costs.
  2. Maritime Industry: The platform is designed to cater to the specific needs of the maritime industry, addressing challenges such as vessel tracking, cargo management, and supply chain visibility.
  3. Sustainability: SmartSea aims to promote sustainability in maritime operations by reducing emissions, improving fuel efficiency, and enhancing overall operational efficiency.
  4. Partnership with Columbia Shipmanagement (CSM): SmartSea has partnered with CSM, a leading ship manager and maritime service provider, to upscale CSM’s operations through its technology and become the first SmartSea client.
  5. Cross-industry synergies: SmartSea leverages cross-industry synergies between aviation and maritime to drive innovation, efficiency, and sustainability in maritime operations, drawing from SITA’s expertise in aviation technology.
  6. Global reach and international presence: SmartSea has a global reach and international presence, with SITA serving 95% of international destinations in the air travel industry and over 2,500 airlines, airports, ground handlers, and governments.
  7. Cybersecurity and data protection: SmartSea ensures the security and protection of maritime data through robust cybersecurity measures, including integrated Unified Threat Management (UTM) and enhanced Layer 7 firewall, anti-virus, intrusion detection, and prevention systems.