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Impact of Russia Ukraine War on Travel 2022

Russia-Ukraine War Affects Travel & Hospitality Industry

Impact Of Russia and Ukraine War On Travel And Tourism

Russia and Ukraine are both popular tourist destinations due to their beautiful landscapes, impressive architecture, and rich culture. Many people are concerned about the future because of the recent confrontation between these two countries.

Russia has declared war on Ukraine after President Vladimir Putin warned the entire world that interfering between these two countries would be disastrous. Following this declaration, Ukraine reported some explosions and missile attacks on its soil. All of them were posted on Twitter, along with some horrific videos.

As tensions between these two nations rise, the impact of the war is being felt in a variety of areas, ranging from energy costs to sanctions, wheat imports to travel, and tourism.

Tourism takes a Hit as Russia-Ukraine Air Space Shut and Flights Cancelled:

The Ukraine Military stated on February 24 that Russia had attacked many airports in the nation, including those in Kyiv, Boryspil, Nikolaev, Kramatorsk, and Kherson.

Due to the conflict between the two countries, airlines urged flights to stop flying over any part of Ukraine in fear of being shot down; over ten airlines stopped flying after the warning; countries like India, Germany, Canada, France, the United States, the United Kingdom, and many others have suspended flights to Ukraine as a precautionary measure.

Russia also restricted sections of its airspace to ensure the safety of civil aviation flights, while Ukraine suspended air operations. With all flights cancelled and airspace closed in these two nations, tourism has come to a standstill there.

This war between Russia and Ukraine has the greatest impact on Turkish tourism. Turkish tourism produces the majority of its earnings from these two nations. Turkey registered 24.7 million international tourists, including 2.06 million from Ukraine and 4.7 million from Turkey.

Turkey has received 20 million tourists in the last three years and hoped to host more, but the Russian invasion of Ukraine has put a dent in the Turkish tourism business.