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Knightscope Deploys Autonomous Security Robots at Hotel

Want to entrust your hotel's security to robots?

Knightscope Deploys Autonomous Security Robots at Hotel

Knightscope, Inc. [Nasdaq: KSCP], a leading innovator in autonomous security robots and blue light emergency communication systems, has announced the successful deployment of its K5 Autonomous Security Robot at a hotel in Vancouver, Washington. This move underscores the company’s commitment to enhancing safety through technological advancements.

Knightscope’s deployment arrives in the wake of its recent blog discussion centered on elevating hotel safety, shedding light on the fact that over 1.3 billion guests frequent American hotels annually. As safety remains a paramount concern for both business and leisure travelers, technology, including innovative security systems like the K5 Autonomous Security Robot, plays a pivotal role in augmenting hotel security measures.

By deploying modern security systems, such as those provided by Knightscope, hotels can offer guests an engaging and secure environment. These systems also act as a natural deterrent against undesirable behavior, thereby reducing the likelihood of incidents necessitating official intervention.

Reseller Boosts Inventory of K1 Blue Light Towers

Knightscope Authorized Partner (“KAP”) Transportation Solutions & Lighting, Inc., Safety and Security Division – National Safety Systems (“NSS/TS&L”), has placed a replenishment order for 12 new K1 Blue Light Towers. This strategic move anticipates the growing demand for Knightscope’s emergency communication systems, designed to bolster campus safety. The additional order complements the 24 E-Phones procured earlier in the month. Both these solutions expand coverage, accessibility, and cost control in organizational security programs.

Contributions to Campus Safety

Knightscope’s innovative communication products and autonomous security services offer dependable solutions to protect campuses and various environments. These technologies contribute to the overall safety of living, working, studying, and visiting spaces.

Robot Roadshow’s Arrival in Ontario, California

Following the Tesla Takeover event in San Luis Obispo, Knightscope’s Robot Roadshow is set to land in Ontario, California, on August 1-2, 2023, at the Ontario Police Department located at 2500 S Archibald Ave Ontario, CA 91761. Open from 10:00am to 4:00pm Pacific Time, the event offers attendees a chance to experience cutting-edge technologies first-hand.

The Robot Roadshow offers an immersive experience, providing potential clients and the general public with expert-led demonstrations within a climate-controlled “pod.” Visitors can witness the self-driving electric technologies that are already contributing to safety across various locations. The event will showcase Autonomous Security Robots, allow testing of a blue light emergency phone, and present the Knightscope Security Operations Center (KSOC) user interface in action.

Participation in the Robot Roadshow is open to everyone. For those interested in a personalized experience, scheduling a one-on-one visit to the Pod is also available.

About Knightscope

Knightscope is an advanced public safety technology company, specializing in fully autonomous security robots and blue light emergency communication systems. The company’s mission is to contribute to making the United States of America the safest country globally.